It's possible that I'm obsessed with "Supernatural". In fact, there's no question about that. I am. I think I started watching the show about two (or maybe three? time flies when you watch the show) years ago (after catching season nine on TV) and I've already seen the whole thing three times over – and that not counting all those episodes that I've rewatched over and over again, because I just love them. Of course, I have always been aware of "Supernatural". I mean, who doesn't know Sam and Dean Winchester, right? Who hasn't heard about Castiel or Crowley? My younger sister used to be a huge fan and I would supply her with tons of posters that then would grace the walls in her room. Unfortunately, back then I wasn't into them and now those posters are long ago. You just never know, do you? I'm a certified Dean!girl and I will fight tooth and nail for him. However, I love Sam and Castiel and I'm definitely Team Free Will. I can't imagine the show without any one of them – I think they've become truly iconic characters – and I wish that we had a lot more episodes where they hunt monsters together, each one bringing something unique into the solving of a case. I'm not much of a shipper but sometimes certain things are just too obvious to ignore. This season I've finally decided to share my thoughts after each episode, because I've got a lot to say on the subject, both as a fan and as a writer (neither self is particularly happy at the moment with the handling of the show and the main characters!). I don't know how long my vigour will last, because writing reviews takes a lot of time, but here's what I've got so far:

Season 14

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