Sunday, 27 August 2017

I have neglected my blog, haven't I? I guess social networking sites have ruined me for blogging once and for all. I have been doing short posts on my FB author page about the state of my writing progress and I have finally decided that I should probably do the same here. So here is the major news - 

I am writing the final chapters of my long-in-progress novel set in Regency England.

I got quite a shock when I realized that I was that close to the finish, having resumed my work back in March after another year-long pause and moving at a snail-like pace, one page at a time. But I guess what they say is true: easy does it indeed. So here I am with another book under my belt.

I have almost forgotten what it's like, you know. I haven't completed or published a book in ages and I feel like I have grown so disillusioned and jaded with the whole process of finding an agent or a publisher since then that I feel no delight at the prospect of another completed novel waiting for its turn.

I'm sure it's a lost cause. It's not a mainstream Regency by a long shot and it's pretty long (twice as long as Margaret's Rematch), so getting an agent or a publisher interested in representing or publishing it will be nigh impossible. I will, of course, make a valiant effort but I'm afraid I no longer believe in the possibility of ever becoming a published author.

See? That's probably why I never update my blog anymore. It's downright depressing to go over your failures and realize that your big dream will never come true.