Monday, 10 June 2013

Writing progress report

After the meeting with my critique partner, that takes place every fortnight, I realized that the bit I'd been working on for the past three weeks or so needs much more work still. Therefore, I went back and rewrote parts of it that we decided needed changes made to them but I haven't finished yet. Here I'd been thinking that it's all good and then I printed it out and started reading it aloud and realized that it was raw and wanting... Suddenly, it struck me how much I hadn't included that should have been included, how many things had escaped my notice!

I've also been contemplating why exactly I'm in such a rush to finish the book. It's not like I have hordes of fans waiting for the next instalment to hit the shelves with bated hearts. So there's no rush and no pressure. And chances that I'll ever have hordes of fans are - well - not big. I have fun writing it and I do it for myself and I love the experience. Besides, I had rushed into publishing "Almendra: A Fairy-Tale" and it was a complete disaster. So - no rushing things this time around - no matter how much I want to move forward and write "The End"! If I need to go back and rewrite something - I do that - and rewrite it as many times as it takes for me to be satisfied with it! Sometimes, I do have to remind myself that.

Question of the Week: How do you determine when to write exactly what someone says or when to report it? Are there any rules? What is to be my guide in making the right decision? Why is it that sometimes I put down a full conversation and at others I simply report what someone says?

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