Monday, 18 July 2016

Harry & Ginny - Witch Weekly Edition

I'm no good at photoshop and stuff like that but I can't help imagining Witch Weekly's special edition dedicated to Harry and Ginny's romance once they went public again. I'm sure such a rag as this would jump at the chance to write something scathing and gossipy about them. So here are some headlines that I came up with upon the occasion:

Special Edition


The Chosen One Off The Market: Truth or Ruse? p. 4

GINEVRA WEASLEY: does she have what it takes? p. 5-6

Q&A with HARRY POTTER: Fact or Fiction?

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about The Boy Who Lived! Including interviews with his classmates, professors, colleagues, and a special guest piece by Rita Skeeter! p. 7-12

What to wear on a date with The Chosen One?

Find out what the experts think! Special sponsor 'Twilfitt & Tattings' p. 13-14

You & Harry: A Perfect Match?

Find out if you and The Chosen One belong together! What do the stars say?
p. 15

Read Sybil Trelawney's Gloomy Predictions:

"I have always Seen that this boy's life is full of heartache..."
p. 16


So, guys, what do you think? What other headlines and features would you like to include? Leave your ideas in the comments! 

By the way, maybe someone can make it into an actual magazine cover? That would be fun! 

Hmm... maybe I could also write some of these articles for the next year and create an actual magazine?

*clears her throat* 

So... ahem, ahem... if anyone wishes to try their Quick Quotes Quills at penning an article for a wizarding magazine, I'll be glad to hear from you...


  1. Hahahaha this is great Farida!! I haven't had my morning tea yet so I have no creative juices flowing to make up my own headlines but I adored reading yours! ''The Chosen One Off The Market'' would make young witches cry all over the world! Ugh I can just picture Rita Skeeter and Trelawney having a field day saying their scathing pieces about poor Harry and Ginny! What a fun post :D

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by! It is fun to come up with stuff like this, especially when you know that it would most certainly happen))) So if you get any ideas, you can always come back and add them!

  2. This is amazing! Those headlines are absolutely ones you'd see in a tabloid, as ridiculous as they sound. I imagine every witch would be clamoring to take the perfect match quiz! Maybe these headlines would work too.
    "How Bat-Bogey Hex Beauty Won Potter's Heart"
    "The Red Head Rebel's Romantic Past: the scandal behind Ginny Weasley's past romances"

    1. OMG! I LOVE your headlines! They are perfect and would totally work for such a deliciously scathing and wicked edition of Witch Weekly.

      Thank you for stopping by! It was fun coming up with those headlines, but I was afraid that I didn't make them ridiculous enough. Now I feel like I've got to actually write them into articles)))

    2. I've got one more!
      "Matching Dragon Tattoos: Are the rumors true? Find out where they've placed their Hungarian Horntails"

      I'd love to actually read them. That edition would be loads of fun to write!

    3. Ha-ha-ha! That's awesome! Where did they place them, indeed? :D

  3. Oh it'd be great to work these up into articles for next year! I love these. Alex has some good ones too. Tabloid headlines are always so crazy. The longer the relationship goes on you see all the divorce and cheating headlines.

    1. I would so love to do that. Alex's headlines are so great! It would be fun to write all those crazy articles Rita-Skeeter-style and make them as crazy as possible:D

  4. These are all such fantastic, clever headlines! They all truly sound like they could appear in Witch Weekly! And of course Rita Skeeter would jump at the chance to contribute to a publication like this, lol.

    1. Yeah, old Rita would never miss the chance to write about poor Harry :D I would probably seethe if I read such articles, but I'm sure that I will greatly enjoy writing them.

  5. Ah this is so cool! These headlines seem perfect, and if you do decide to write the articles themselves for next year that would be awesome! I'm sure you'd have plenty of volunteers happy to help out for next year if you wanted them <3

    I especially love that you've even thought about details like having the Harry Potter date outfit article being sponsored, such a fun touch!