Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Having no agent or published books make it seem like I haven't accomplished anything at all writing-wise last year. However, as I sat down to make a new entry in my Writing Diary, I realized that I did accomplish something after all! I've finally completed my YA fantasy novel, after two years of writing, it now stands at about 90K, started plotting out the rest of the series, which will include at least two more books and an assortment of short stories and other stuff, and translated my fairy-tale from English into Ukrainian.

So, it might not be much for someone more prolific than me, of course, but I think it an accomplishment nevertheless, considering that I have very little time for actual writing. At the moment I'm planning on polishing my fairy-tale in order to try and get it published here in Ukraine. After that I want to return to an abandoned novel, set in Regency England, and maybe even post my writing process and progress here on my blog in order to get some feedback as I go along. I think it could be an exciting, if nerve-wrecking experience!

Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 New Year Writing Resolutions

Here are my 2014 New Year Writing Resolutions:

1. To complete my current fantasy novel. UPDATE: done!
2. To revise and polish it. UPDATE: done!
3. To find an agent.
4. To find a publisher.
5. To blog. UPDATE: done!
6. To return to Regency-writing.

And here are my 2015 New Year Writing Resolutions:

1. To revise and polish my current fantasy novel. AGAIN.
2. To plot out the rest of the series and work on its world. METICULOUSLY.
3. To find an agent.
4. To find a publisher.
5. To blog about writing. CONSISTENTLY.
6. To write another Regency-set novel, novella or a script.