Tuesday, 28 November 2017

It's the end of November - another year is swiftly coming to an end - I can almost hear the sleigh bells ring and smell the enticing scent of firs and pines - and I am once again taking stock of what I have accomplished so far. Hm! Not much, I'm afraid. I have once again failed to find an agent or a publisher, win a writing competition and publish any of my books. I have, however, completed two major writing projects (a fairy-tale and a regency) and even wrote a 57K fanfic in under two months. I am between projects at the moment (a fantasy and a fairy-tale) and I am gravitating towards one or another depending on my mood. I might be posting one of them here on my blog throughout the months of December and January but I am still deliberating on that point.  That's it. My starry writing career is but a vapour and the longer I linger in the writing limbo the more I become convinced that I shall never be published.