Friday, 10 August 2018

SUPERNATURAL with my mom: pros and cons (Season 1)

I have finally managed to convince my mom to watch SUPERNATURAL with me. I desperately needed an excuse for another re-watch and I felt that showing it to someone else would make my obsession with it look less alarming. But it wasn’t easy as she was very resistant for a long time and I’m afraid that at the conclusion of the first season, which we finished watching yesterday, she confirmed to herself that she was right to be so.
I hoped against hope that she would love it and get invested into the characters by the end of the first season, but she had grown bored with the whole thing instead. However, I have to admit that it is refreshing to watch this particular show with someone who doesn’t have an agenda, a favourite or a ship-any-two-people-who-breathe-the-same-air-for-five-seconds disease.
Unfortunately, I have to say that watching it dubbed (my mom doesn’t know English) takes away a great deal of authenticity and what sounds extremely tragic in the original, sounds downright comical when dubbed. Of course, my mom’s lack of sentimentality also plays a part. Any hint of romantic element annoys her, because it doesn’t lead anywhere and she finds it unnecessary and irksome. She prefers Dean to Sam (as I knew she would for he is much more her type) and finds John tiresome and untidy, saying that he looks like a petty, provincial criminal.
All in all, her attitude is very disheartening for she obviously gets no pleasure from watching it and it doesn’t excite her in any way. I’m afraid that we won’t be watching it together much longer, because she is fed up with Sam and Dean’s constant saving each other/dying for each other thing and seeing as how this is pretty much the core of the show, there is very little hope that she will want to continue watching it for another 13 seasons.
But the thing that gets me down the most is that both my mom and aunt think that watching something like SUPERNATURAL is somehow below me. They find it extremely surprising that I love it so much. A fan of Jane Austen, an intellectual, refined and exalted, what do I have in common with supernatural monsters and gore? So far I haven’t managed to convince either that this is not what SUPERNATURAL is truly about.