Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year, New Journal, New Writing Resolutions

Now is the time to make Writing Resolutions for 2013 and my main resolutions are to WRITE as much as I can, to COMPLETE my fantasy novel and to FIND an agent for it. Here is the time-frame that I intend to follow:

January - September: I write the first draft;
September - December: I revise, edit and polish the thing;
December: I search for and find an agent :D

It's important that I don't get side-tracked by other projects that keep popping into my head, taking all the space there, though, I think, I would like to have small side-projects to work on from time to time, such as fairy-tales, short stories and novelettes.  I would also like to keep up with my Regencies, though at present I will limit myself to research.

Well, we'll see! Happy New Year everyone!

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